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Denture Implants in Bowral, Southern Highlands

Denture implants in Bowral

Traditional dentures have considerable drawbacks: they can shift in the mouth, can be broken or lost, and they often affect speech. They are also unaesthetic. Some individuals can’t wear dentures as they make them gag. Dentures also can cause more bone loss over the long term.

Another common complaint denture wearers have is food getting stuck under their dentures every time they eat. This can affect the nutrition received from the food we eat as denture wearers gravitate towards softer and more processed foods. Dentures or bridges supported by dental implants are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures.

Dr Justin Tan, Your Implant Expert

Dr Justin Tan has been doing implants for over a decade. He obtained postgraduate qualifications in dental implantology from Charles Sturt University and has trained with many of the world’s leading experts on dental implants and aesthetics, both locally and overseas.  He is involved in all aspects of implant dentistry, from the surgical placement of implants to the restoration of implants. Dr Tan also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation and Pain Control from University of Sydney, a mandatory requirement for the practice of intravenous sedation in dentistry. He is certified by the Dental Board of Australia to administer intravenous sedation. Sedation dentistry will make your appointment seem like minutes. If fear of dental treatment has been holding you back, let us help you overcome your anxiety so you can receive the treatment you need.

Secure, Aesthetic and Easy to Clean

With implant supported dentures or bridges, speech, aesthetics and chewing are much better. Your dentures will stay firmly in place. We can design it to be removed for cleaning. Alternatively, they can be designed and constructed so that they are attached to the dental implants with absolutely no movement (for example the All-On-4 implant bridge)

Free Consultation

Discover the difference that implants can make in your appearance, speech and chewing. We’ll tailor your procedures to meet your particular goals. Schedule a free consultation with Dr Tan.



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