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At Village Dental Care, we are steadfastly committed to providing exceptional dental services in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our caring dentists take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and always put you first. And because we understand that you have better things to do than spend your day in a dental chair, we strive to keep your dental appointments efficient. We always will endeavour to provide an outstanding dental experience that ensures you are comfortable and achieve the results you desire.

The Importance of Preventative Care

You may have heard the expression, “Prevention is better than cure.” We believe that one of the best ways to attain peak oral health is through regular preventative care such as checkups every six months. When you come in for routine care, we can detect any issues at an early stage before they become bigger problems. You also will be given instructions on healthy oral hygiene habits. Checkups and Cleans

During these important visits every six months, we will perform the following to help ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. During each preventative visit, you can expect the following to take place:

  • A thorough check
  • A gentle scale
  • Any adjustments to your oral hygiene routine
  • Screening for indications of diseases or cancer
  • Cleaning with a dentist

As one of our highly skilled dentists performs every check and clean at the practice, you can rest assured that you will get the attention you need and deserve.

Dental Extractions

Though we always endeavour to help save our patients’ natural teeth, it’s important to recognise that sometimes it is necessary to remove a tooth to maintain your overall oral health. By extracting the tooth, we can also help to alleviate any pain that you have or prevent an infection. Before we remove your tooth, the area around it will be sufficiently numbed to reduce any discomfort. After removal, a few stitches in the area may be required. To ensure the proper healing of your mouth following the tooth removal, you will be given easy-to-follow instructions.

Aesthetically pleasing Dental Fillings

Metal, amalgam fillings not only can present a hazard to one’s health, but they are unsightly as well. That is why we use strong, tooth-coloured restorations that are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Areas, where tooth decay is present, are treated using white resin, ionomers or composite. With tooth-coloured fillings, you can experience various benefits in terms of your smile’s function and look. These include a chemical attachment that discharges fluoride into the adjacent tooth structure broadening its ability to prevent cavities. We have the ability to custom-match the hue of the new filling with the natural colour of your existing tooth. You will be able to smile with confidence knowing that the new filling will closely resemble your other teeth. The other advantage of these types of fillings is that a snug seal between your tooth and the filling blocks leakage that often occurs with metal fillings that were commonly used in the past.

Composite Resin Fillings

Created from bits of glass floating in a resin, a composite resin filling is precisely placed on your affected teeth or tooth. The reason we utilise this kind of filling is that it offers extra support to the tooth’s structure. Composite resin fillings represent an effective, long-lasting solution. We can provide you with a range of colour choices so we can match the filling to the natural shade of your tooth.

Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) Fillings

Comparable to composite resin fillings, GIC fillings are also composed of glass pieces and are tooth-coloured. Each filling also includes an organic acid that initiates the hardening of the filling when it is joined with the glass particles. This type of filling chemically adheres to the affected tooth and discharges fluoride to avert leaking around the filling and to help shield the tooth from decay. Though composite resin fillings are stronger and often look better, GIC fillings are gentler on tooth nerves and fragile gum tissue.

White Fillings

For times when the damaged part of a tooth is minor, we often choose to utilise white fillings. These fillings are an excellent option when teeth are broken, cracked, worn, chipped or decayed. Due to the fact that they are white, these fillings can be closely colour-matched to the natural enamel of your tooth.

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