Grinding and Snoring Solutions in Bowral & Mittagong, Moss Vale

Grinding and Snoring Solutions in Bowral

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Snoring is more than a noisy nighttime nuisance—it can be a sign that air is not moving properly through your airways, and may be dangerous. We will discuss any history you have with snoring or breathing problems at your first appointment and check the back of your mouth to assess your throat and tonsils.

If needed, we can refer you for a sleep study to determine if a CPAP machine is appropriate, or we can create a mandibular advancement splint, or MAS. This device holds your jaw forward as you sleep to relieve snoring. Dr Justin Tan is a certified provider of the Somnomed snoring splint, the leading solution for the treatment of sleep apnoea and snoring.

Grinding your teeth can cause painful headaches, soreness and jaw pain. If you have problems clenching or grinding your teeth at night, we will discuss options with you to treat this problem and relieve your pain.

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