Technology at Village Dental Care

Technology at Village Dental Care in Bowral

At Village Dental Care, our team of qualified professionals offers cutting-edge dental care. To help deliver the best dental care for you, we offer the latest that modern dental technology can deliver.

ICAT Cone Beam Tomography

Rather than the usual two-dimensional that conventional radiology offers, we have a machine that shows a 3D view of your jaw. This technology allows us to:

  • Accurately plan dental treatment to avoid issues that you wouldn’t see on conventional x-rays
  • Thoroughly identify dental diseases
  • Dramatically reduce radiation levels

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide safe and highly precise care for our patients. Additionally, cone beam radiology allows for the implant placement to be less stressful through guided surgery and the key-hole placement of implants.

Digital X-Rays

We have offered digital X-rays since 2000, lowering our patients’ radiation exposure and giving us an ideal way to educate our patients. To help you better understand your oral health, we will show you your X-rays on a high-resolution monitor.

The Wand®: Virtually Painless Injections

Many people fear the dentist due to needle-based injections. Rather than this conventional option, Village Dental Care’s computer-assisted anaesthetic delivery system delivers local anaesthetic at a gentle rate. It virtually eliminates any discomfort that is experienced with conventional injections. The precise nature of the device also means we won’t have to use as much anesthetic.

Microscopic Dentistry: High-precision Results

Person, Human, Clinic, Operating Theatre, Hospital, Dentist, Patient, Doctor With microscopic dentistry, Dr Justin Tan can provide a high level of precision in his dental work. A dental microscope magnifies and reveals what is normally invisible to the human eye. It also offers superior illumination of the oral environment. This allows us to:

  • Minimise unnecessary tooth destruction
  • Spot slender fractures in teeth, which can contribute to unexplained sensitivity and pain when chewing
  • Work more efficiently, reducing your time in the chair and number of appointments
  • Ensure that the restorations fit snugly
  • Place dental implants more precisely
  • Carry out microsurgery with minimal trauma and quicker healing

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